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THE DUMB-DOWN ~ 06.10.24

Updated: 5 days ago

If creating writing is to be considered an art, what do we call poor and pathetic writing?

The dumbing down of society (aka the rebellion by dumb people everywhere against critical and intelligent thought) has resulted in a complete breakdown in comprehensible communication.

Considering the caliber of writing that is currently penetrating social media, it seems likely that it’ll be the dumbed-down of society who will be the authors of the new story of humanity that’s being written as we speak.

And remaining unchallenged, there is one certainty.

Endless strings of pseudo sentences will be posted by would-be wordsmiths who don’t understand grammar and are unable to spell.

Hand-writing, especially that which is legible, will become a lost art.

The emerging mess, our story, will be void of periods, commas, spaces, punctuation, and capital letters. In a naive attempt to defend themselves from scrutiny, some of these aphasics will use ‘all’ capital letters.

What we are witnessing is a new gutter language in the making that even its authors won’t be able to read.

Welcome to the future. (validea)

"We have grocery stores, so why do we need farmers?"

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a type of cognitive bias, where people with little expertise or ability assume they have superior expertise or ability. This overestimation occurs as a result of the fact that they don't have enough knowledge to know they don't have enough knowledge.

A group of psychologists, Elizabeth Dworak, William Revelle and David Condon from Northwestern University and the University of Oregon, found via online testing that IQ scores in the U.S. may be dropping for the first time in nearly a century. Online IQ tests were taken by volunteers over the years 2006 to 2018.

US billionaire David Rockefeller wrote in “Quotations on Terrorism” published by Trafford Publishing, UK, 2006, that “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and all the nations will accept the New World Order”

Book bans? The Tradwife Movement? The degradation of women’s rights? Abortion controls? Yes, here we are, and unchallenged it will get a whole lot worse.

This dumb-down isn’t just an American phenomena referred to by Carl Segan.

It's a global crisis advanced by dumb people everywhere being made famous by other dumb people, the consequence of which is a societal infection that’s outpacing any pandemic and includes an inability to write, read or comprehend anything beyond a grade 3 level.

Read this from Carl Segan . . .

"I have a foreboding of an America in my children's or grandchildren's time -- when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what's true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness."

"The dumbing down of American is most evident in the slow decay of substantive content in the enormously influential media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest common denominator programming, credulous presentations on pseudoscience and superstition, but especially a kind of celebration of ignorance."

David Suzuki wrote of the rapidly developing climate crisis that it's like "We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they're going to sit."

Are we there yet?

As Ricky Gervais so abrasively said about a British referendum on Brexit . . .

"This ridiculous thing that, oh, let's ask the average person."

"No! . . . Let's 'not' ask the average person."

"Do you know how fucking stupid the average person is? We still sell bottles of bleach with big labels on them that say 'Do Not Drink'."

"Let's take those labels off. Right? For 2 years. 'Then' let's ask the average person what they think."

Am I being critical by sharing what Ricky said? You bet I am.

You get the point, right?


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